Claudia Chiari

I began my professional career in a Accounting firm in Tuscany, where I am still on the Board of Directors.
Later I decided to change my road and moved my career toward the marketing and communication sector from which I felt attracted. Changing direction often requires a lot of time and with no doubts a lot of determination. When I finally decided to look for what I really desired to do in my life, it wasn’t so easy at the beginning and it’s maybe thanks to these difficulties that I came across by chance to European School of Economics.
So I moved to London and completed an MBA in Milan Centre specialising in marketing: it was an environment in which I was constantly exposed to nationalities and cultures from all over the world. There I experienced first-hand the importance of cultural exchange and team work that allowed me to achieve to my fullest potential both professionally and individually. I learnt new skills such as working in multi-cultural teams, ‘glocal’ management issues, decision-making, planning and communication styles.
Thanks to the school I took my internship in the fashion department of a press office in the centre of the city, working hard during the Fashion Week in September but it was amazing to breath the atmosphere of that world. At the same time I was carrying on my dissertation about marketing and branding’s strategies for fashion and luxury’s goods.
Among all the lessons gained during this wonderful experience, there are some that I think to have learnt more than others: difficulties are useful to measure tenacity and they help us to understand if our desire really worths all the obstacles we are going to face.. I’ve learnt to say “why not?” to opportunities, instead of saying “no” because of the fear to loose. But first and foremost, I have realisedthat we have an inner power to make our own dreams come true. I think that for a real citizen of the world there are no barriers or constrictions and I hope to bring these challenging teachings learnt from this unique school always with me .
Milan was the next stage of my professional development where I became involved in university and entrepreneurial projects and started working in communication as press office responsible.
In 2009 I took on the role of sales and marketing manager for a German multinational company where I dealt with contacts and meetings with potential clients, negotiation and closure of contracts and marketing planning. The environment is young, dynamic and international and it’s offering me further opportunities for professional growth.
I’ve always enjoyed writing, even more over the last three years. That is, when I moved my professional base to Milan I got more involved in this field working as an editor for both web and hardcopy publications. My passion for communication led me to expand my knowledge of the publishing sector where I am consolidating my experience as a journalist and head of external relations. I have been part of the editorial office of a leading publishing house in Milan since last year, and I write for their main quarterly magazine.
A predilection toward the luxury sector was further intensified through various seminars, conferences and events that I took part in, with as much focus on editorial production and organisation as on magazines and web portals. I work with university professors, drawing up papers, mainly on marketing and luxury, and I am actively involved in the organization of masters where I am also involved as a teacher.
I recently promoted a new series of books about luxury that started in 2009 with my publication “Everlasting Luxury – The future of inaccessibility”(Editrice le Fonti, Milano), the result of my studies and experiences in this sector where I try to take a snapshot of the world-wide new luxury scenario and its players.
Everlasting luxury is the ultimate seed of luxury as we know it today and in which the evolution of the customer and market has generated a whole series of open-ended questions, including what are the implications of this change on the management of luxury products and services, do the existing marketing tools still apply and how does one go about funding and preserving a luxury brand. To this end this research sets out to investigate further and establish the boundaries of everlasting luxury.
My next goal ? Going global with another book release ..

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