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BS in International Business – Programmes for Global Study


The aim of the European School of Economics is for its students to have a learning experience that is intense, personal, and exciting. Such an experience, while firmly grounded in the disciplines and subjects required for effective business leadership, will encourage individuals to inquire within themselves and discover the reality behind the elements that surround their every day lives.

This programme provides for a choice of delivery modes, with the excellence of instruction and atmosphere of the ESE centers worldwide, and a rigorous online platform capable of tracking your progress down to the very last click. With a student-teacher ratio in keeping with ESE tradition, tutors will be available both at your chosen ESE center and online.

The American BSc programme provides a flexible progression model that will not only allow students to begin with general education courses and choose specializations later, but also to progress at their own speed. The 120 credits earned not only lead to an American Bachelor of Science degree, but with approval can be applied to recognized degree programs anywhere in the world.

Taking you from where you are to where you want to be.

Introduction to the BS in General Business

The BS in General Business is a programme which leverages the best in modern technology to provide students with a comprehensive program introducing them to the notions of Business while allowing them the time and freedom to study also a number of humanistic modules. As an American-based program, students will be afforded glimpses of American history and government to complete their international profiles with the support of an innovative platform which will provide lessons, study material and practice exams in a monitored environment in addition to scheduled lessons. Study is Full Time for resident students.

The course provides for a total of 120 US credits and offers:

Two optional internship placements*
Final Project related to your professional goals
Flexible course progression.*
Direct entry to both US and European Master’s programs

*Non-European students may only have internships in their country of residence
*While Modules will be offered in class on a semester basis, students will be allowed to progress through the course at their own pace.

This competency-based programme will allow you to:

• Increase your skills and hone already existing abilities
• Stimulate latent capacities
• Become more competitive in the global market
• Gain confidence with a new skill set
• Put already acquired knowledge to work to raise you to a new professional level through the application of specific managerial techniques
• Confront and re-evaluate your methods, revise your approach to problem solving through contact with experienced lecturers and businessmen as well as an international student body stretched over 6 campuses
• Define and strengthen personal ethics and develop qualities of leadership necessary to succeed and stay successful in the New Global Economy

Key Features

• Flexible Time Management
• Two Internship Programmes*
• Tutorship
• In Campus and Distance Learning
• High Student-Teacher Ratio
• International Environment
• Travel and Study with ESE Centres Worldwide
• Choose Between Three Specialisations:
• Sales & Sales Management
• General Business
• Management & Leadership

*while internships may be organized for all degree course students, only the BSc hons program currently under validation requires them
The BS in General Business is fully accredited in the United States by the DEAC.


Course Fees

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