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” Win it Before It Happens”
Elio D'Anna

This course is designed for players. ex-players, managers and business

people whose aim is to manage a winning team and contribute to the creation a healthy atmosphere of success in themselves and their players by building from the inside out.with ethical practice and insightful visionary leadership. 

Start date: September 25, 2017
Finish: December 16, 2017
Study Mode: Full Time
Entry requirements: academic comittee selection based on CV
Language: English – B2 level or equivalent
Cost: 8,900£ including registration


Introduction: The Organisation of Football
Strategic and Performance Management
Operational Management
Football Marketing and Sponsorship
Communication, the Media and Public relations
Event and volunteer management


Introduction : The Organization of Football
introduction - the role of sport in society
brief history of the game
case studies- the best and the worst “there are no mistakes, only results"
overview of international organizations and tournaments
The team is You

Strategic and Performance Management will give you the tool kit to make your team’s skills excell and weaknesses turn into assets.
Training your team
Mental well-being and injury prevention
Injury support - manager’s responsibility – Health and Safety
Managing human resources
Measuring performance and aiming higher - methods to improve playing skills
Friendly games - exposition games and ‘scrimmage playing'
Positive reinforcement - a framework for victory
The Antagonist is You

Operational Management
will guide you through the business side of running your organization and will include:
Legal Issues – Amatuer vs. Professional
Contracts and Contractual Stability – Pros and Cons of Using agents
Travelling - how to - International transfer of minors
Disciplinary procedures in football (FIFA and UEFA models
UEFA’s financial fair play system
FIFA and other confederations
anti-doping rules and procedure
Playing rules -national vs international
Match-fixing:rules and regulations
TVand IP rights

Football Marketing and Sponsorship
will give you the tools to showcase your team, and attract fans and support. Analyse the importance of a strategic marketing approach to create value in the short and long term.
Strategic marketing and procedures
Defining a sports brand and how it brand should work across different touch points
Definition and packaging of commercial rights and how they are brought to market, in terms of media rights in an era of convergence
Sponsorship rights and latest trends, - merchandising and licensing,
Ticketing and hospitality,
How to marry the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape with sports Promotion and the concept of commercial rights;
Analytics - the use of research and customer insights as the basis for strategic marketing.

Communication Media and Public relations will provide the tools for always “putting the right foot forward”, making new contacts and keeping old ones.
Defining the team’s image and finding the right spokesperson
Technological/media challenges: media integrity
Strategies implemented by public authorities to promote sports events
Relations and responsibility issues between public authorities, local organising committees, national federation
Crisis management and communication strategies

Event and Volunteer Management will provide an overview on the organization and functioning of events particularly in Sports/Football.
Range of sports event types: league organisation (“closed” v “open”), the Olympic movement’s associative model, two to three-week tournaments, one-off “match” events, tour events; 

Risk assessment and management: economic risks (sponsor, competitor defection), security risks (terrorism, spectator violence, racism), insurance risks (player injuries) and issues of civil and criminal liability; 

Master and contingency plans, integrated risk management and assessment programmes,
Human resource strategies – volunteer programs and mentoring
Event and facility security and safety strategies, business models related to the construction and exploitation of event facilities.
Event and sponsorship contracts 

Ethics will Explain the range of ethical challenges facing a sports organisation and outline key mechanisms for addressing them by assessing:
The theoretical foundation of ethics in sport (fairness, integrity, respect, equity as practical guidelines for management decision-making and coaching)
Regulatory mechanisms for addressing economic corruption (e.g. combating event “fixing” in sport, drawing on lessons from other industries)
Anti-doping policy, including the history of the international regulatory response and the establishment and practices of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)
Anti-discrimination policies used to address racism and discriminationth on the basis of gender, sexual orientation and disability
The Ethical responsibility and challenges of the media
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) in sport (its importance and why sports organisations are particularly well- 
suited as vehicles for effective CSR)
Sustainable education programmes for playeRs(their importance but also their effectiveness or lack thereof)

Participants will have the opportunity throughout the program to liaise directly with Industry specialist in indicated areas of interest. Guest speakers and personal introductions will include coaches and team managers from a large repertoire of world-class affiliates and partners.

The Course may be complemented by participation in a two-week session at ESE’s professional training camp in Cairo. Additional information and availability on request.

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