Film Business Management, Deal-making, Marketing & Sales at ESE Rome

With all its lights and shadows, the film industry remains one of the strongest sectors worldwide, and it is arguably the most influential.

In terms of raw figures, the film industry is one of the biggest sources of importation income for the US, and film studies are offered in hundreds of colleges and universities.

This course aims at three primary goals and has three different levels of utility:

It will improve your capacity to identify and face challenges, establish priorities, find solutions, organise processes, manage personal relationships and, moreover, manage your own creative potential.

Along the course, you will learn the fundaments of filmmaking and will accomplish a solid foundation upon which you may grow in any direction. Once there, the course will help you choose your area of interest and will provide you with the proper tools to specialize.

But, most important, this course is about who you are, what you truly want and how to achieve it. In short, it is about creating, facing and fulfilling your dream. Because, both, the film industry and yourself can be rightly seen as that: factories of dreams.
And this course is about helping these factories work for good.

The programme comprises 4 modules and 1 workshop.
Each module entails one 3-Hrs session per week over 10 weeks, plus an optional 3-month internship programme upon completion of all modules.

Modules offered:
_ The Movie Business: Strategy & Management
_ Introduction to Accounting & Finance
_ International Marketing
_ International Strategic Management
_ Legal and Film Business Contracts workshop


Internship: Available

Language used: English

Course Duration:
• 3 months = 130 in-class hours + revision/reading week + exam week
• Internship (optional): 3 months

Internship (optional):
Students who intend to participate in an internship must first undergo an assessment by the ESE Placement Officer.
Upon being deemed eligible, host companies will be decided together with the Placement Officer who will assist the student in obtaining an internship at the company of choice. Candidates must submit a CV and undergo a successful interview for their acceptance.

Course structure:
Each module holds a weekly 3-hour class (total 13 hours per week, Monday to Friday)

Mid Term Assessment (40%)
Final Assessment (60%)

Entry requirements: High school diploma or equivalent

Course dates:
from January, 23rd to April, 28th 2017.

Language of instruction: English.

Course fees:
Registration fee € 600 + tuition fee € 5.000

Download the Brochure (~659KB)

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I am from Varese ( Italy), and I got my bachelor’s degree in 2004 from the European School of Economics (ESE) in Italy. After my working experiences for “La Gazzetta dello Sport” (the most popular sport newspaper in Italy) and for “Juventus” football club, I  worked for a  Marketing/PR Agency in NY; which inspired and motivated me to start my own activity. In...

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