ESE Short Courses

ESE Short Courses

ESE Short Courses have been created especially for managers, professionals and aspiring professionals who prefer short, highly focused training to longer periods of study. They are designed to fulfill different kinds of objectives:


Specialised Programmes are aimed at business professionals who seek updated refresher training in Finance, Management and Marketing in order to sharpen their business acumen and competitiveness in an ever changing global business environment. They are offered at the postgraduate level and require a bachelor’s or experience equivalent for admission.


Professional Programmes provide participants with the knowledge necessary for specific occupational opportunities, and are open to a broader public: Events Management, Fashion and Luxury Management, Sports Management, Music Industry Management, Hospitality Management and Art and Cultural Management. At the conclusion of the academic portion, ESE Professional Programmes offer the option of a unique opportunity: a fulltime internship* at one of Fortune Magazine’s “Best companies to work for.” Over a three-month period participants will gain international work experience in a challenging and sophisticated environment, providing them with the practical skills necessary to advance their careers.


All ESE Short Courses are of three months duration (excluding the optional internship) and offer an ESE Professional Short Course certification at upon successful completion of the programme.


* Visa Regulations Permitting

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